Clean Water

Water Is Life

The first step out of poverty often begins with removing the barrier of access to clean, safe water. 95% of Path From Poverty Women’s Groups set their first group project goal of each woman receiving a 10,000L water tank to collect rainwater from their roof. Relieving the task of searching for clean water, women’s capacities to earn more money, send their children to school, and care for a healthier family grows exponentially.




2017 Impact

In 2017, Path From Poverty, with the support of generous donors and sponsors, was able to place 128 − 10,000-liter water tanks which impacted over 1,300 women, their families & neighbors. We are working harder than ever alongside our Women's Group to provide hope and opportunity for women and girls on their path out of poverty. 


Since 2000

Since 2000, Path From Poverty has matched 10,000 liter water tanks to over 300 homes, and the Kenyan women themselves have contributed over 300 tanks in the last 17 years. In partnership with the women and their families in the Ukambani region of Kenya, PFP has been able to impact over 8,000 people. Access to clean water truly is the first step to new life on the path from poverty.