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In the words of Dr. Forrest Inslee, Professor of International Development Master's program at Northwest University.

"Path from Poverty, as an organization, is pioneering a very different way of doing development work. They organization is a force for systemic healing in the world, and a beacon of hope for a new way forward—and for that reason Path from Poverty deserves our partnership and our support.

I believe in the mission and strategy of Path from Poverty. I stand with them because they promote self-determination, because they inspire entrepreneurship, and because they cultivate transformational community. They are pioneering a new way forward in community development, and I for one consider it a great privilege to support their work in any way I can. When we give to Path from Poverty, our resources are well-invested."

Become a sponsor today and be part of systemic healing in our world.

For more information, please call us at 206.624.4934 or drop us a line at info@pathfrompoverty.org