Join Us!

October 17, 2020
4 pm to 8 pm Pacific Time (PST)
Zoom Format


We invite you to gather virtually to celebrate Path From Poverty's twenty years of partnering with our Kenyan sisters to raise funds to support their access to clean water.

The event will offer a series of interactive sessions for our guests to choose from. Experience a day in the life of impoverished Kenyan women and how they work together to lift each other out of poverty. The main event is a plenary session where we showcase Path From Poverty's twenty-year journey.


4:00-4:30 PM – Opening Celebration

4:30-5:00 - Session 1

 Intro to Path From Poverty: How do we do what we do? 

Our Model, Our Method, Our Mission. Learn the basics about Path From Poverty and be inspired by the impact that a water tank can make in a woman’s life. Long-time staff and board members will connect you to our 20-year-old story and how our strategy transforms lives. 


Chapatis in Your Kitchen: Cook like a Kenyan

While we can’t share food together yet, we can learn how to make chapatis in our own kitchens, thanks to this hands-on how-to with Jeanette Mbelle and Waeni Mutisya. Chapatis (a flatbread) are important culturally and economically--and are delicious! Recipe will be sent in advance to those who register. 

5:00-5:30 - Session 2

Working Together with our Kenyan Women: Stories from a trip to Kenya 

Work trips are integral to Path From Poverty’s effectiveness. So much more than a helping hand or a cultural exchange, work team members on a trip build relationships, grow with their Kenyan sisters, and expand their own worldview. Learn about trip logistics while enjoying the stunning pictures with recent work team members. 


Living Life a Day at a Time: Through a child’s eyes 

Calling all those young at heart! Listen to the true story of a girl who has to walk for water, read by Cynthia Tewes. Learn a few words in Swahili and Kamba, join in our traditional song, and learn how rope is made by hand. A coordinating coloring sheet will be sent to those who register. 

5:30-6:00 - Session 3 

Women who Walk for Water: A day in the life 

Who are these women who walk for water, and what is a day in their lives like? Come walk alongside our women as they share their activities with us in footage straight from Kenya. You’ll see with your own eyes the difference a water tank makes in everyday life and appreciate life on the other side of the world. 


True Harvest to Table: Gardens, a necessity in Kenya 

Kenyan gardens play an essential role in life and culture. Learn how gardening is done in Kenya and how gardens help to pave the "Paths From Poverty" for Kenyan women. You’ll see beautiful footage of Kenyan gardens and hear from our moderators from Kenya living now in Seattle. 

6:00-6:30 - Session 4

Equipping Women Economically: A day in the life 

A large part of the mission of Path From Poverty is to empower women economically, helping them improve income generation and money management. Hear directly about the creative ways PFP Kenya members earn money and how they invest it to improve their lives. 


Understanding Water Equity: Why the need for tanks? 

The Ukambani region of Kenya has a fascinating history. To understand the broader context of limited water availability in the region, we’ll explore past water and land management practices and existing water sources. Included is a discussion of the "appropriate technology" of water collection tanks.

6:30-7:30 PM – Main Celebration

7:30 – 8:00 PM – Kikundi (Group) Discussions