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Our 2020 Work Team Trip to Kenya

Path From Poverty invited 11 people to join us on a volunteer Work Team trip that took place Feb. 26 – March 11, 2020 to Kibwezi region in southeastern Kenya.   Our time in Kenya was a mix of building tank platforms, helping to deliver several tanks and getting to know the Kenyan women.  We got to be part of their lives.  Once the work was done, we celebrated the accomplishments of the week with the Kenyan women.  And then took a few days to relax on safari at Tsavo National Park.

Day By Day Schedule Kenya Trip

Day Description
Day 1-2 Travel to Nairobi
Day 3 Spend day in Nairobi
Days 4-11 Days with women & working
Days 12-13 Tsavo West Game Park
Days 14-15 Travel home

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