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Several weeks ago… In Africa - By Kathryn Scott - Lewis

Several weeks ago… In Africa - By Kathryn Scott - Lewis

I felt the sweat trickle down my back as I tamped down wet cement.
I heard the laughter of my African sisters as they prepared boiled sweet potatoes and milk tea over their open fires.
I smelled the fresh chipati being prepared and I experienced a new taste that will always remind me of warm hospitality and shared sisterhood.
I see dark faces with blazing white teeth, mouths curved into bright smiles.

I am under a mosquito netted bed listening to the thunder, seeing flashes of lightning and listening to a deluge of rain hitting the roof.

I am seeing brightly colored baskets, rolls of handmade twine, packages of dried beans, brilliant prints of wax dyed fabric, dark African seeds strung into necklaces all spread out on blankets. The African sisters are in their blue Path from Poverty t-shirts and wrapped in colorful sarongs. They are sharing with us their precious wares.
It’s time for celebration. The loudspeakers blare songs of praise, hips and shoulders sway to the music. We sweat together, gifts are given, hugs exchanged. Love runs deep as we connect in a spiritual communion too sacred for words.

The open top vans bump along the red potholed tracks as we hold our breath, eyes peeled for a sighting. Oh my...look at that spotted leopard, legs splayed akimbo over the limb as she sleeps in the tree hidden mainly from our site. A sound of awe escapes me involuntarily as I experience her exquisite beauty. It’s hard to comprehend just how big the elephant is adorned in rusty red mud and staring us down with a head on glare. Is he curious, happy to show himself off, mad at being disturbed? He slowly turns and walks commandingly away.
There’s three sisters standing in the road ahead. Their long graceful necks and tawny spotted bodies are circled together like girlfriends taking a walk at dusk. My heart pounds as I am honored by the privilege of sharing life on this earth with all these creatures. 

By Kathryn Scott-Lewis