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No Longer Walking Every Day to Fetch Water

No Longer Walking Every Day to Fetch Water

Juliet Kanini Kyalo (in the maroon skirt) is 30 years old, married and a mother. She is a member of Methoi ma Aka women's groupa nd was the beneficiary of an August 2020 gift tank.

Every day, Juliet had been walking 10 kilometers to and from the River Athi  wild animals reside and the water is not fit for human consumption.  Her family has continued to suffer from water-borne diseases and the danger of animal attacks while fetching water.

Now that Juliet has received a 10,000-liter gift water catchment tank, she will be able to catch the rain and harvest crops during this coming rainy season. She was so thankful and is happy to continue to help others in her group to reach targets to obtain tanks.  She says she thanks God for the partnership with Path From Poverty.