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Conversation with Regional Program Manager Monicah

January 28, 2021

Monicah has been with PFP for seven years; she has seven groups which includes 150 women. 

Some of Monicah’s groups are a long way away.  She can take a motorbike part of the way and then the path is too hilly for the bike and she has to walk the rest of the way. 

Monicah has seen many changes in her community since the arrival of the tanks.  Women are very happy to get tanks as there is not enough water in her community without walking a long way for it.  It is a very dry place.  Their community has 250 tanks.  If a family does not have a tank, those with tanks share the water.

Both girls and boys help the mother walk for water if there is no tank in the family.  Boys will also help with the cattle and goats.  There are no horses in the community.

Girls often are attacked if they walk alone to school which is 2 ½-3 miles away (4-5km).  Sometimes girls will not report the attack or they may tell their mother.  The mother can go to the Chief who will take action such as fining the attacker.  This happens sometimes, but is not a regular occurrence.

Monicah has benefited very much through her PFP training.  She never thought she could raise money; now she works with the women in her groups and they raise money to buy more tanks and to do more small businesses.

The women’s businesses include making ropes, baskets, dyeing material and breaking stones.  In addition, some women have a small grocery business where they sell vegetables that they grow in their gardens.  All of this is possible only because they don’t have to walk for water.

When children don’t have to help walk for water, they have time to go to school and do their homework; their grades are much better.  They are proud of their accomplishments and have more self-confidence; most go through the upper grades and some go to University if their parents can afford it.  Some families are very poor and University is not possible.

The community feels very good when they have water tanks – because they don’t have water-born diseases any longer.  Kids don’t get sick so they can attend school and grow up healthier.

The tanks can last up to 30 years – occasionally one will bust - not sure why, perhaps because of the sun.