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Margaret Mutua Receives a Tank!

Margaret Mutua in the yellow dress, of Methoi ma Aka women's group, the recipient of a water catchment tank from the Poulsbo Rotary Club and District 5020 grant project.  She is standing with one of her sons, Mother in law, and daughter in law.  Margret is 52, married, and a mother of 8 children 4 boys and 4 girls.  She is a grand mother to 5 grandchildren.she has been fetching water from Athi river which is far away from her home.  She travels around eight kilometers thus most of her time has been used to look for water for her family.To get at least water that can be used in her home for a day she would have to use a donkey which carries four 20-liter Jerrycan and she carries another one at her back .Margret has to do this every day. Having received this water tank she will be able to harvest rain water thus reduce the journey to the river,get time to start an economic activity and her family will be more healthier.