Leadership & Education

Leadership Training 

The Regional Program Managers (RPM’s) each oversee their region of 6-11 women’s groups. In this role, they directly support each group leader and work with the groups to help determine their primary problems, set goals and objectives, and decide what income generating activities they will help them to reach their financial targets.     

Women teach one another new income-generating skills through peer-to-peer relationships, such as: tie-dying cloth, making soap, drip irrigation gardening, and making bags, purses, and ropes from the sisal plant.  Leadership development and training is done monthly in the groups by the RPMs, teaching the women good hygiene, nutrition, how to save and manage their own money, accurate bookkeeping, group savings such at Table Banking, marriage & family guidance, and how to lead a group meeting.

Leadership development occurs as the RPMs and group leaders live “life upon life” as role models, being God-fearing, responsible, transparent, and respectful toward others.  They demonstrate good relationships with their group members teaching each of their members, by word and example, at their various levels of understanding and capability.


Path From Poverty matches the number of scholarships the women’s groups themselves support in Kenya. Currently, to the neediest in their community.two regions are supporting the education of secondary school girls and, in turn, we are doing the same. This is a beautiful example of how women’s groups choose to see beyond their own families’ needs,

In 2018 two of our scholars, Hellen and Berita successfully graduated from secondary school. This year Path From Poverty continues to provide scholarship support to Teresia and Emmaculate, and a newly adopted scholar, Faith.

This cycle of change continues as women raise daughters and sons who now have the knowledge and experience of overcoming poverty. Communities are affected as women share the opportunity with others.