Paying It Forward

As each woman breeds her pig, she “passes forward” three piglets, two go to women in other groups and one goes to their Path From Poverty Women's Group. The pigs are sold and the profits go to their group account to buy more pigs. In some cases, when the pig of a woman in their own group has died, the passing forward of their pig may go to another woman in her same group.

In 2016, a new initiative was launched where each woman in a group would work towards building a new secure, safe pig pen for breeding their pigs, with a small loan given by the group funds. This is a great stride in taking their investment into income generation to a new level, by not just selling their pigs, but learning to care for and breed them.



Family Health Fund

An ongoing project is the Family Health Fund. Each group member has the opportunity to invest in the Family Health Fund, by giving a piglet, in order to receive financial help when they, or a member of their family, falls ill. There is a lack of access to health care in the Siborongborong region, so many families put tending to their and their families' health needs to the side. These leaders see the need for encouragement to healthier living, and the Family Health Fund is incentivizing this way of thinking.