Solar Power

Path From Poverty has partnered with Kenyan Women’s Groups for the past 18 years and has been witness to the positive impact solar energy has on a woman's life. We are now supporting and matching solar projects of four women's groups with over 40 solar panels installed since 2017.

After access to clean water, light and electricity are one of the next major steps out of poverty. Here are a few reasons why we support solar as a development project with our Women's Groups in Kenya:

  • Almost 26 million people in Kenya lack access to electricity, the majority in rural areas.
  • On average, children in Africa spend two hours a day extra on homework when they have solar lights. This means kids can have a higher chance of succeeding in school if their family has solar power.
  • Exterior lighting brings security to women and children living alone in isolated rural regions.
  • Electricity is more than just light - it allows people to stay more connected by powering phones, radios, and televisions, as well as being a source of income generation.
  • A small business can generate as much as 3 times more a year due to access to light and charging energy.