Eunice is 52 years old and married with 5 children.  Her husband doesn’t work.   She joined the Path From Poverty Ngandani W Group so that she will eventually get a water catchment tank.  Each month she earns the money to pay her assessed target by selling vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes and Sukuma, which is a kale-like vegetable to her neighbors. 

A water tank will save her time each day and make her and her family healthier.  She currently walks for up to 2 hours each day to get water.  Some days her daughters help her.  During part of the year she collects water from a dam.  This water has lots of silt and dirt in it.  During other times of the year she fetches water from wells and streams.  The water often carries diseases like typhoid and brucellosis.  It often causes diarrhea.  

Support Eunice on her journey out of poverty. 


Elizabeth is 49 years old.  She is the mother of 7 children and she has one grandchild.  She is married but her husband does not work.  She joined the PFP Tei Wa Malili group in 2017.  She earns the money to pay her target by doing several different jobs.  She crushes rocks and sells the gravel which is used for construction projects and roads.  She also tends a few chickens and goats.  She will also fetch water for others.  Elizabeth is always busy and very hard working.

Support Elizabeth on her path from poverty!


Meet Margaret from the Malili cluster. She is 48yrs old, married with 3 children, and her husband is not employed but does casual work.

Margaret joined Path From Poverty in 2015.   She has several income generating projects: buying vegetables and fruits from market and reselling locally with profit, keeping chickens, and growing vegetables in her nursery. When it rains, she sells the seedlings and does small scale farming. 

After receiving the solar panel she was so grateful, for she will save a lot of money. For instance, she does not have to buy as much kerosene, charging their phones is free, no more buying radio batteries and most importantly her children will use the light in doing homework. She will get some money for charging phones for her neighbors, but she will not charge phones for group members and those who are not able to pay in the neighborhood. She will make sure to pay her group targets well to enable other members to get solar panels. 

Margret said, ”I thank God for what PFP US and PFP Kenya are doing in helping us have solar to our homes. It has brought much love to my home. God bless you all, love you.

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