About Us

At Path From Poverty, compassion, justice and sustainability ideals are instilled into every initiative and every program, delivering an impact powerful enough to change lives long after a program has ended. This principle-driven approach creates a culture where anyone can find a place to share and serve.

We are currently contributing to the following Women’s Group projects in Kenya:

  • Clean, safe water, in the form of 10,000L rainwater catchment water tanks 
  • Education Scholarships 
  • Leadership Training 
  • Solar power, including panels, charges and utility pack 

Path From Poverty Development Model


Women Helping Women
Alone, women survive; but in a group, they thrive. Their group provides support, accountability, sharing of best practices, and fellowship. Our field staff, all Path From Poverty graduates, provides training in leadership development, group governance, implementation of income-generating projects and 


Income Generating Projects
When women join a Path From Poverty group, they are asked to develop and implement an income-generating project to raise funds for their group micro-savings account. For many women, this is the first time their work has been afforded monetary value. As confidence in her abilities grows – and she receives support from her group sisters – a woman becomes empowered in her decision-making and leadership skills. Women learn new techniques and work practices that also benefit her family and community, resulting in positive social and economic change on a larger scale.   


Group-Based Micro-Savings
Group-based micro-savings encourages group members to save and work together toward a common goal and inspires the creation of new income-generating initiatives. Group members practice two types of micro-savings methods, Table Banking* and Merry-Go-Round, common savings practices where all monies are shared or loaned within the women’s savings group. Groups save and pool funds until their target goal is reached.

*Article: The Guardian: Table banking lends Kenya's women the means to beat the poverty trap

Supporting Women's Earnings
Incentives encourage risk and hard work. Path From Poverty’s financial support of a group's hard-earned savings and our monthly gift projects tangibly expresses our commitment and incentivizes the women’s hard work. They express their commitment through the literally thousands of hours each woman toils to complete their project and reach their savings goals.

Our model supports and inspires women in Kenya and to discover and unleash their God-given talents, creativity, and incredible work ethic, to accomplish what they could never have imagined - to walk their own path from poverty.